The Model T Ford has many unique features which include the 2 speed epicyclic transmission and trembler coil ignition. Approximately 15 million Model T Fords were manufactured between late 1908 and 1927. In 1999, the Model T Ford was named the “Car of the Century” for the way in which it brought motoring within reach of the working class person.

All years of the Model T ford are represented in the Club. Some are Australian bodied, some Canadian, some American, and some custom / aftermarket.

Please contact us if you want to know more about the Model T for a school project or research topic. We hold a wealth of knowledge in the club amongst our members and our library, and welcome the opportunity to share our passion for this historic vehicle.



Car safety inspection days are held twice annually. This is as event where club members bring their T’s down to a garage (Ringwood/Pakenham) and their car can be inspected (by a certified mechanic club member/ club safety officer) for any areas of concern.

Your car must be safe to drive prior to club permit renewal. Download the self-inspection safety checklist.

Red Plate Scheme

The red plate scheme permits roadworthy vehicles to be driven in conjunction with Club activities.

With the Model T Ford, there is available both veteran and vintage plates within these categories. A recent overhaul to the system now allows for private usage of your club permitted vehicles.

Log book

Each vehicle that is permitted with this club is issued a 45 or 90 day permit log book. Each time you use the vehicle your log book must be filled out prior to you leaving for your journey, detailing where you intend to travel.

Your log book must remain in the car at all times as well as proof of your membership of the club that the car is permitted with.